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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


the damaged fmc HFO loading Arm
The Two Tanks for HFO Storage + the site preparation for the Future Tank

THE Heaters and Blowers the Loading Arms for LNG Fuelling (not part of the Project)

This is one of the biggest projects I was assigned to and Involved into , the aim of this project is

to cater HFO which is the heavy fuel oil that's required for the LNG tankers , as a fuel for

Transporting the liquified gas to other countries , the project of course consists of Two big tanks

60 meters in diameter each and 17 meters height (a total of 45000 cubic meters of volume) ,

These tanks are fed through Import pipeline from HFO tankers and then an export pipeline is

going to provide the HFO again to the tankers , but not before processing it through passing it

Through the heaters that heats up the HFO to it's optimum temperature and then pumped

to it's destination , eventually it will reach the berth area where the Loading arms loads the

Fuel into the tanks , Working here in Raslaffan isnt an easy thing , and that's because of the

Inhereted regulations that are set by RLIC (Raslaffan Industrial City)and other parties , like the
End users , Also the rules set by the Qatari goverment .

One of the Obstacles that anyone could face is the complications that you'll meet for finding a

place to live , and the best way to transport is a private car or rented one, Qatar is a small country and the only Urban city is

Doha practically the other cities were created due to the need of finding a nearer place for the labor men
who muts travel long periods everyday if they were living in Doha 85 Km. away from Raslaffan city

one more thing is that travelling to the site of work every day and returning back to Doha is another burden that you have to add on the list .

putting in mind that Doha isnt that city that you can enjoy yourself a lot in it , night life is limited
to the bars in the hotels , social life is possible but you should create your circle of friends first

as per to me I'm enjoying Doha more than Dubai and that came against my expectations the reason lies in the simpliciy of this city and the easiness of transportation inside it, provided that
you are not using taxis of Buses which are rare and limited to Karwa operators.

I started this Job on the 10th of October 2006 , the day I joined MIS Qatar , when I arrived

for the first week we were still oriented about the Job , and the problems that is attached to

it especially the hefty beaurcracy of the permit to work procedure in ras laffan due to the
Interconnectivity between all the Operating parties and endusers which we have to concur

our deals with them , due to having our Jobs at a proximity with them.

Another obstacle is that visas are not always granted and most of the people are working on

Business visa , and that's why they should leave qatar every 3 months , and they might return

so this impose an extra burden which is to find a replacement and to teach him again all the details

another problem is that , there's no coordination between the differenet parties ,on dealing with certain topics , Information cycle isnt complete adding to this that no channels of communication are well established from the beginning which creates a continous gap if Info.

the gap in Info. created a logistic problem also , and the bad communication channels added to

the problem by having undesired materials arriving which lead us to additional loss of time and effort.

when I first visit the site I was wondering what happened and why the people are so slow In
acheiving a good progress as I was expecting , But it turned to be that the Subcontractor is

not doing his Job as required due to his lack of experience in such Jobs and due to so many other
complications related to their original environment, and culture of doing things .

for companies that are taking EPIC jobs I would rather suggest that they must not depend
on their telecommunicational skills to fulfil the logistic requirement of a Job cause that for
sure will create additional problems and a lot of mishaps will occur making the Job , a
total failure .

We are now in the mid of March , the project is still sluggish , and the materials are just dropping
In from sharjah or wherever in slow and some times bad manner last week we had our FMC
Loading arm damaged because of problem while transportaion of the ship which would cost
additional time and money , we are not willing to spend .


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